O projektu

The Skalka project is unique primarily because of its location in the green oasis of a nature park, yet at the heart of the city. Thanks to its elevated position, it is also isolated from the surrounding bustle and offers beautiful views. However, already in the 17th century, Dorota Skálová chose the place for her magnificent vineyard estate.

The availability of Anděl town center within 10 minutes, a large garden on the border of the nature park, trouble-free parking, and, above all, high-quality modern apartments in an above-standard design indicate that this is one of the best residential projects on the market.

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The fall of 2022 is dedicated to earthworks. Excavating and exporting large quantities of soil...

Preparatory work has begun

Preparatory work has begun, which lies in the removal of encroached trees and the preparation of...

The Skalka estate becomes a listed building

The Skalka estate has been protected as a monument since 1964.

Modern reconstruction of the original estate

The ancient character of this one-story building was disturbed by the modern modification from...